Pleasantly surprised…

Dear Sir,

Today I had a problem with my daughter’s hot water cylinder.

Thanks to your businesses, courteous, helpful & professional service a new cylinder was installed today & my daughter has hot water.

I was apprehensive about a replacement today when I saw what was needed, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Thank you & your staff for the service.

Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Downie.

When the bill arrived… it was exactly as the plumber had explained… pleasant surprise (we’re starting to see a theme here…)

The plumber came to my home looked at the hot water cylinder and gave me all my options before starting the job.

He explained everything that needed to be done & how much it would cost, when the bill arrived a few days later it was exactly as the plumber had explained.

What a pleasant surprise to not have worry about a repair bill. I will not hesitate to use Southern Plumbing in the future.

Greg Davis.