Programmed maintenance

Programmed maintenance (or preventative maintenance) is a proactive approach to maintenance by which we can prevent major problems by scheduling various activities to keep infrastructure in top condition.  Some advantages offered by a maintenance program are:

  1. Short-term fiscal savings. For many reasons, money can be saved when adopting preventative rather than emergency maintenance. For instance, it can cost significantly less to effect a preventative replacement than it may cost to conduct an emergency replacement or indeed a secondary consequential repair. Similarly, it is much more efficient to plan around scheduled repairs than trying to work around the inconvenience of an emergency repair.
  2. Long-term fiscal savings. Just as your car benefits from regular servicing, your plumbing infrastructure will also last longer if it’s serviced regularly.
  3. Risk management. Proactively managing your plumbing infrastructure demonstrates a commitment to safety, whether it be staff occupational health and safety, or residents’ safety. Something as simple as regularly venting a hot water cylinder relief valve, for example, can help prevent a burst hot water unit which can cause major flooding and water in or around the electrical panel.

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