Leaky taps, blocked drains, continually flushing toilets… we know the drill because we see these jobs all the time and we have the gear to address the problems efficiently.

For example…

High pressure jet blaster

The Jet Blaster on the job at Officeworks

Our high pressure jet blaster uses a high pressure (5000 psi) water jet that makes short work of drains blocked by tree roots, with a unique drain cleaning head called the Turbo Root Mulcher. It vibrates and rotates, clearing drains with a super-high-powered spinning water jet.

Mechanical sewer machine

Our sewer machine is a device which rotates sectional steel coil cables at high speed. A range of heads can be affixed to the ‘business end’ of the cable, to spin through most obstructions.

So which do we use? It’s horses for courses and we’ve seen enough to know which machine is likely to do the best job at a given task. Usually we recommend the jet blaster because it offers a number of advantages:

  1. It has the potential to clear blockages in confined spaces where the sewer machine will not fit.
  2. It is more effective against grease and completely flushes the drain of material causing the blockage.
  3. It washes away dirt and leaves, which build up in stormwater drains.
  4. The high pressure jet blaster is just as effective 50 metres down the drain as where it was first inserted, whereas the sewer machine is less effective the further it travels down the drain.

Of course, drain cleaning machines will only clear what is in the drain, and if the problems recur, CCTV camera inspection may be required to determine the exact cause and location of the problem and provide a permanent solution.

CCTV drain camera

Yes, the bad old days of having to dig up an entire drain just to locate one problem are long-gone. The CCTV drain camera removes any guesswork in determining the exact cause and location of the problem. Inserted into the inside of your pipes, the CCTV camera locates the cause of the blockage, or potential problem areas. Our specially trained professionals are able to view the image displayed on an LCD monitor. When the camera reaches the problem area, we are able to accurately pinpoint the exact depth and location using a transmitter located behind the camera head. Additionally, you are able to view the inspection as it is being performed, or a fully detailed DVD and report can be provided.


Excavation and aggregate fills

Small footprint but plenty of grunt!

Our Hyundai R27Z-9 Excavator & Isuzu NPR200 Tipper give us even more flexibility and capacity to offer competitive quotes for drainage work.

With a track width of only 1.5 metres, the Hyundai is able to be used on most domestic jobs while still being powerful enough to be used on larger scale commercial projects. The tip truck gives us the flexibility to cart drainage aggregates or fills to our own schedules, meaning we lower the project management risk of critical path delays that can occur when using third parties.

We also offer this equipment for hire, which gives you the benefit of an experienced drainage excavation operator on your project.