Safety & Filtration: RPZD, TMV, Billi & Zip

Southern Plumbing has trained staff to meet your safety compliance and filtration needs.

Reduced Pressure Zone Devices (RPZDs)

These backflow control valves are used to prevent contamination of the water supply by physically stopping water running back to the supply. They differ from other backflow preventers in that they are designed with added safeguards, and in such a way as to be testable, which allows them to be reliably used where a significant contamination hazard exists. Provided, of course, that they are actually tested…

If you have an RPZD, it’s likely that you’ll know it, since all Tasmanian municipal councils and Southern Water send letters of demand for property owners to have these valves serviced, and provide a certificate as proof of service. Any RPZD that we install goes on our system, and we send service reminders as required.

We are able to test, service and certify RPZDs.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs)

There are a number of regulations that need to be adhered to with regard to hot water. One of them is that hot water cylinders must be running at a minimum of 60°C, to prevent pathogens breeding in the stored water. Another is that new plumbing installations should not deliver water to outlets used for personal hygiene (such as showers or hand basins) at temperatures greater than 50°C, or 45°C for some applications (such as day care centres). These outlet regulations have been introduced to reduce the possibility of scalding by hot water.

Since hot water has to be stored at no less than 60°C, but delivered at no more than 50°C, we employ a TMV to do the job of mixing hot water with cold water to deliver water at just the right temperature.

For obvious reasons, the delivery of water at the right temperature can be more critical in some sectors than others and, as a result, regular certification of the correct operation of TMVs can be a licensing/legal requirement in some sectors.

Southern Plumbing is able to test, service and certify the correct operation of your TMVs.

Filtration repairs and installation

Southern Plumbing has staff trained to service Zip and Billi hot water / chiller units – in most cases the warning lights or fault displays indicate that the filter cartridges need changing.

Southern Plumbing carries most spare parts and a range of filters to carry out the repairs on-site with no need to leave the job, making the completion of the work more efficient.

We also provide advice on filters that can be installed for domestic use, whether it’s for one sink or a filtration solution to supply an entire home.