Hot water – environmentally friendly, energy efficient options

Southern Plumbing is able to offer you a range of products to suit your home and your family. Whether it be repair, servicing or replacement of your existing hot water system or professional advice on the latest energy saving and environmentally friendly hot water units, Southern Plumbing has experienced and fully qualified professionals to advise you on your hot water needs.

Did you know?

Traditional electric hot water heating makes up approximately 40% of home energy usage and contributes a massive four tonnes of greenhouse gases every year. This is at least two and a half times the greenhouse gases produced by other, more efficient technologies.

Solar alternatives

Ask us today about the latest in solar and heat pump hot water technology that can save you money. We are a fully qualified and accredited ePlumber specialising in environmentally friendly and energy efficient hot water solutions such as Dux Sunpro Solar & Dux Airoheat (Government Rebates may apply).