MONA Siloam

MONA Pharos

MONA Turrel

OneCare Aged Care Facility

This project is a 140 bed aged care facility, built by Fairbrother Construction. The plumbing content has a worth of $1.2 million to $1.5 million.

Our tradesmen on site have dealt with the following issues:

  • Working with a large number of other trades to hand over sections of buildings for completion and sign-off, within a deadline for completion of ten months from start to finish.
  • Limited space to conceal all plumbing works, including limited space in ceilings as well as working with and around other trades’ infrastructure, such as electrical services and heating and cooling ducts.
  • Working under new OH&S laws and the decision by Fairbrother to ban all stepladders on site – necessitating the purchase of a range of mini-scaffolds for each tradesman on site.

Moorilla units

We were engaged to fit out the plumbing for the new Moorilla units – very luxurious fittings at the delivery end, and high performance High Density Polyethylene pipework below the surface.

Cat & Fiddle Arcade

Next time you pass through Cat & Fiddle, or stop off for a bite to eat or a coffee, picture the work that went into creating the grease trap for the little food hub.

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